Canadian Swimming Time Standards

The Canadian Swimming Time Standards database contains time standards for Swimming/Natation Canada and each of the Provincial Sections. In addition, this website contains a FINA Point Calculator used for determining the number of FINA points associated with a particular time in any sanctioned stroke/distance.

Alberta Test Sets

The Alberta Test Sets database contains the results from a pre-defined set of Test Sets executed by Alberta swimmers at different times throughout the season. The database is intended for use by coaches in Alberta to monitor the physiological progress of swimmers at various stages of their training. The database has been password-protected for access by Alberta Swimming Coaches only. For more information on this program, see the Swim Alberta website.

ASSA Swim Meet Mgmt Database

The ASSA Swim Meet Mgmt Database actually resides on a different server, but is part of the SwimDB family of database applications. It integrates the following functions for the Alberta Summer Swimming Association:

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